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The AR App

Download the App here

Terms and Conditions - Disclaimer

The App is Free to download, Free to use and doesn't contain in-app purchases. The App is still in testing mode and it is released "as-is" - without a warranty, responsibility or liability. The research team does not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. The materials and information on the App have been assembled by the research team for informational purpose only. Both the website and App content reflect the research at the time of publication. None of the authors and contributors of the website and research team can be responsible for the use of the App and for the information contained in these web pages. The App cannot be copied or sold. All Rights are reserved to the Research team and Nottingham Trent University.

Instructions how to use the AR App

1) Download the free App using the form above.

2) Extract the .zip file then open the folder 'CCL_APK_BUILD'

3) Install the App clicking on 'The_Market_Wall_App' icon.

4) Launch the App.

Click on Instructions to see the map with three AR Experiences:

map for app.jpg

1) The Market Wall separating the two boroughs (position yourself in front of 'Coral' and 'Slim Chicken' shops, see image)


2) The Ducking Stool for punishments (position yourself close to the fountain, see image)


3) The old Malt Cross (position yourself closer to the tram tracks, see image)

Instructions to generate the Experiences:

- Go to one of the three places of the Square

- Click on ‘start’ button

App menu copy.jpg

- Select one of the 3 experiences on the right side of the App

ducking arrow.jpg

- Rotate and align the arrow following the example on the image


- Then click on 'Build', the experience will be generated


- To change experience click on ‘select mode’ and then on the ‘bin’, then repeat the steps. These are the visualisations of the experiences:


- You can listen to the historical information about each experience clicking on the 'sound' button, or you can read them on the blue lectern close to each experience.

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